We like to call ourselves “Many divisions of helps”. A people helping people. Each day, we work to find out who, where, and when we can help someone in need. How we can help someone be better, do better, and live a better life. Engage, Ignite, Take flight. This is our approach to those in need. People just like you, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe, we are here for you.


Our network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of prevention, education and the relieving of suffering, here at home and around the world.


Our departments work diligently rolling up our sleeves to donate time, money, and resources. We learn and teach life-saving skills so our communities can be better prepared when the need arises. We do this every day because the Vision with Wings team wants to be a place where you can turn to when you’re in need - every day.

Vision with Wings is a Service Center that focuses on engaging and offering resources such as Mentoring Youth, Job Training and Type 2 Diabetes Training and Education.

Our Mission

To provide assistance and support through mentoring, education, research, rehabilitation, relief,

restoration for all individuals who are facing and/or economic crisis.


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