Katrina’s Place

Our goal is to make Katrina’s Place a safe place to call home.  We are a Foster care group home, housing females, aging from 11-18.  We make it a point to get to know each child and the things they like and encourage them to be all that they can be. 


We want to expose them to the fun side of life.  We open up their minds, showing them that there is no limit to where they can go in their life with training and education.  We give them a wealth of knowledge on how to accomplish the goals they’ve set for their lives.

Our staff is trained to help redirect negative thinking and show the girls that there is a brighter side to whatever darkness they have experienced. Our focus is to teach the young ladies to be aware as we keep them safe from predatory offenders. Katrina’s Place will expose these youth to new activities that will help them along their way in life. Every day skills like cooking, sewing, cleaning, good grooming habits and money management.


These are just a few of the fun and necessary things that we do. We teaching the girls how to set a table, proper table manners, silverware placement, and how to professionally dine out when that time presents itself. 

Our overall goal is to protect, and teach our young ladies to want great things for their lives.  We want to send into the world, successful, educated, motivated and most of all, purpose driven adults. People who are ready to be apart of the solution and not the problem, and who can help to correct the problems of our society if called upon.



If you'd like to help with Katrina's Place, we are always in need of Monetary donations, feminine products, toiletries and hair care products.


Olivia's Place

Introducing our latest addition to the team - Olivia’s Place.

This latest asset hosts facilities that focus on intake and availability for those who have broken away from the world of Sex Trafficking, lost and turned out, and are looking to turn their lives around and start anew.

Olivia's Place offers:

  1. A safe haven

  2. Guidance counselors

  3. Mentors

  4. Home making skills

  5. Job training/interviewing

  6. Life skills

  7. Transitional training to independent living


Our purpose is to illuminate, educate and restore.

Image by Vonecia Carswell