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Webster's Dictionary defines Pansophy as universal wisdom and knowledge. 

Our Pansophy division focuses on education, awareness, preparation and the prevention of Sex and Human Trafficking. It also identifies other types of sexual abuse pertaining to youth. The project includes specially written, produced, and directed commercials bicycled (delivered) to all media outlets nationwide, and targeted towards youth. The commercials teach our youth about the dangers of the internet and improper mobile phone use that often times lead our teens into compromised positions with Sex Traffickers or anyone set to present predatory behavior.

Our children are falling prey to the very dark world of sex trafficking, and all are not children. Our kids are exposed and vulnerable through social media and all forms of communication. Many are manipulated into this world thinking that they will find a better place, a better life, than what they have now. We  help to educate and show our youth and others that there is always a better way.

We  house a team of talented and trained writers, producers, directors, and digital editors capable of handling the task of broadcasting witty, thought provoking, and heartfelt techniques designed to educate and enlighten.

We host interactive, educational group meetings for families and their youth, designed to engage them in learning how to identify and  navigate through the dangers of Sex Trafficking and predatory behavior.

Introducing our latest addition to the team - Olivia’s Place.

This latest asset hosts facilities that focus on intake and availability for those who have broken away from the world of Sex Trafficking, lost and turned out, and are looking to turn their lives around and start anew.

Olivia's Place offers:

  1. A safe haven

  2. Guidance counselors

  3. Mentors

  4. Home making skills

  5. Job training/interviewing

  6. Life skills

  7. Transitional training to independent living


Our purpose is to illuminate, educate and restore.


Become part of our CAST (Coalition Against Sex Trafficking) to help save and rescue all those innocents from the illicit world of sex trafficking. Partner with us today. Your donation is tax deductible.