VWW Respite Services provides short term relief for Caregivers of children with Behavioral Health Diagnoses.


We are a collective group of professional Direct Care providers. We  make it our business to provide the best rest and relief for families and  youth in the Children’s Behavioral Health System. 

We also host  a group of the finest peer counselors that we can find. It is a fact that every child in our care will  find themselves in a much better position to achieve the success that  they expect of  themselves.  We would go a step further to say that we will aid those in our care in living, presenting, expecting, and pushing towards  better decisions, and critical thinking choices.


   Our Treatment Plan


  •  Children learn positive and appropriate peer interaction.

  •  Rest and relief in support of their treatment plan & goals.

  •  Provide structured activities in safe settings.

  • Music therapy.

  • Teaching boundaries in one’s personal space.

  • Building natural supports.

  • Developing community interaction skills.

  • Reducing home stressors that support children in being successful at home with their families.



   Respite Services for children on premises, in home and in community


  •  Vision with Wings supports the families in reaching their goals of independence.

  •  We provide care over the holiday season for up to 10 kids in the facility.

  •  Summer Camp for up to 50 Kids in a different Facility.



   Area of Support


  • In home and Community service beyond normal business hours.

  • Help prepare and attend Child and Family Team meetings.

  • Attend and support families in court Proceedings.

  • Support and attend services not requiring specialist.

  • Prepare for educational Plan 504

  • Help with navigation through Juvenile Justice System.

  • Help with biological families support if children are removed by DCS by attending supervised.

     visits and help families work on goals for reunification.

  • Facilitate Foster/ Kinship family support groups.

  • Assist with locating resources.

  • Assist with budgeting.

  • Attend and support with Hospital visitation.

  • Provide support and assistance in navigating DDD system.

  • Assist in home organization.

  • Provide support with family stressors.

  • Provide additional support with reunification.


  Transitional and Living out loud Skills


  13 - 17 Pre-Transition Teenagers               

  18 - 25 Transitional Young Adults

  Vision with Wings helps youth that are transitioning out of Foster Care to prepare them for living out loud in

   the world.  We teach youth how to prepare for life living on their own.

  • Living Skills


  • Budgeting


  • Paying bills


  • Navigating the city


  • Housekeeping


  • Shopping


  • Taking responsibility


    Much more . . . . .

      Our Staff is trained in various services and modalities presenting with related behavior health issues.

      Again, services can be broadly integrated or focus on specific areas of concern such as:

  •   Behavior Management/De-escalation in various settings

  •   Crisis Management

  •   Suicide Prevention

  •   Peer Support (we teach positive & appropriate peer interaction)

  •   Socialization Issues

  •   Communications Skills - Written/Verbal

  •   Life Skills (adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, decision making, emotional  intelligence, listening

         & negotiation, relationship building, self-awareness)

  •   Conflict/Resolution

  •   Music Therapy

  •   We teach boundaries and personal space

  •   Develop community interacting skills

  •   Help identify and reduce home stressors; supporting children in being successful at home with their


  •   Resume preparation, job preparedness

      Accepted Health Plans


  • Care 1st

  • Magellan Complete Care

  • CMDP

     Pending Health Plans

  • Mercy Care

  • Banner University Health Plans

  • Steward Health Choice

     If you do not see your plan please call for verification. We continue to add new plans.